Olivia Wilde is adorably misinformed about the Washington Redskins

Olivia Wilde is the new Rob Lowe. Either she broke the biggest sports story of the year or she’s adorably misinformed. I’m thinking the latter. The actress tweeted that the Washington Redskins were finally getting rid of their name.


Amazingly, the tweet is still up. Amazingly, there’s no “I got hacked” or “sorry, I read an article from the Onion and thought it was legit.” Maybe she’s on to something. Maybe Dan Snyder isn’t the racist we all thought he was. Maybe he realized that insulting Native Americans with a disgusting slur and NOPE, none of that is true.

In fairness to Olivia Wilde, the NFL has decided to meet with the Oneida Indians to discuss the matter. But as of now, no decision has been made. This is simply the first step in what will be a long, arduous process. One that will probably involve the NFL forcing Snyder to do something he’s vehemently opposed to.