Paula Patton posed topless because revenge is the best medicine

As many before her have done after a cruel end to a relationship, Paula Patton went and posed topless in one hell of a hot new photo shoot. It’s just how some female celebrities cope I guess. Not that I am complaining. I can see how it would be cathartic and a way to show the douchebag who caused you pain to say, “Damn, look what I’m missing out on.” In fact, more sexy celebrity women should take this route. Hell, all of them.

Of course, not only did Paula pose for some of the hottest pics we’ve seen in a long time for the new issue of Vanity Fair, she also let them shoot video of this wonderful moment of independence and redemption. They also mention in the article that she’s currently in Vancouver filming Warcraft, a movie based on the video game. I must say, I cannot wait to see how Paula goes about promoting the film once it comes out.

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