Pregnant Mila Kunis was on the LA Clippers’ Kiss Cam… you read that right

Nothing is sacred anymore. First Scarlett Johansson gets pregnant and now Mila Kunis? With Ashton Kutcher no less. I am really starting to think that the end of the world really is approaching.

“This is something they both wanted,” one insider tells Us. “They are both so happy.”

Another source says Kutcher is “very happy” with the news of his fiancee’s pregnancy, although he still remains resolutely private about his personal life. “Ashton has been very private and cut off more than he usually is,” the insider tells Us.

Maybe that’s because he knows that if we ever see him in public we might just punch him square in the face for doing this.

So much for all those titles for Mila Kunis I guess. No more being named Sexiest Woman Alive (twice), the Sexiest Actress Under the Age of 30, the Most Fuckable Female Celebrity, and the female celeb most guys want to see do porn. Well, at least not this year…

Oh yeah, here are Mila and Ashton on Kiss Cam at the Clippers game over the weekend, a moment where for a second I almost started to like Ashton Kutcher. Silly me.

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