Rapper who cut off penis during suicide attempt will survive, penis not so lucky


In case you missed it rapper Andre Johnson, aka Christ Bearer of the group Northstar, jumped off a building after cutting off his penis. Today we’ve got some good news and some bad news regarding his recovery.

First the good news, Andre is in stable condition. Now the bad news…his penis is uh, not in such stable condition as doctors were unable to re-attach it.

Reportedly several rappers were present when he lost it and said that drugs were not involved. Of course, they said that.

Am I the only here wondering exactly what in the hell he is going to do now as far as something as simple as taking a piss? Any doctors out there want to chime in? Surely at least one of you readers are doctors, right? Right? Okay, if you stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, can you help a brother out with an answer?

Also can he still go by the name Johnson? Okay, that was probably out of line, but I know some of you out there were thinking it. Yes, you were.

Here’s a music video that was literally released two days ago featuring Mr. Bearer and Rugged Monk…

Wu-Tang Affiliated Rapper — You Can Kiss Your Penis Goodbye … for Good [TMZ]