Sara Malakul Lane is the sexiest construction worker you’ll see all year

I suppose it helps that Sara Malakul Lane is wearing some kind of lingerie as she does work on this construction site, but she’d still be quite hot even if she was in work boots and carpenter pants.

So I hear you asking, “Who is Sara Malakul Lane?” Good question. As you know we like to introduce you to sexy, talented women you’ve never heard of before so that’s why we’ve brought Sara to your attention. She’s a model and actress who has appeared in the films Jaibait and Sharktopus. Not ringing a bell? Well, how about this? Her first role in a film was playing Steven Seagal’s daughter in Belly of the Beast. That’s right. Now she has three more movies coming out this year. Girl is on the rise.

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Photos: theheadhuntr