Selena Gomez nude? In a movie?

Selena Gomez would be willing to do a nude scene in a movie if the right role called for it, according to what I’d like to think are very reliable sources. I guess our Selena Gomez truly isn’t Alex Russo anymore. Now we already knew that Selena Gomez was trying to distance herself from her Disney past with that sexy and raunchy role in the film Spring Breakers, but we had no idea she’d be willing to go so far as to get naked in a movie to advance her acting career as an adult.

Reports Hollywood Life

“Now that Selena is growing up to be a more serious actress and separating herself from her Disney past, she has no problem going topless if the role calls for it,” the source reveals.

The source adds, “Without a doubt, Selena would go topless in a film if the role was right.”

Dang, they’re so sure about Selena Gomez going topless in a movie that they said it twice. And here I thought her new music video for “Come & Get It” was sexy.

This may not be the Selena Gomez sex tape so many of you out there were wishing for, but this would be the second best thing, right?

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Selena Gomez Is Open To Doing Nude Roles To Advance Her Career [Hollywood Life]

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