Who is the sexy actress in the Lexus IS ‘Crowd’ commercial?

If you watch any amount of television you’ve surely seen the 2014 Lexus IS commercial entitled “Crowd.” And if you’re like me you’ve wondered who that smoking hot actress is in the commercial. Here’s your answer. Her name is Taylor Godfrey and get this, she’s a model. Go figure.

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As for what we know about Taylor Godfrey, we know that according to her Instagram profile she is a model, actress, fruit fanatic, animal lover and a Gemini! And from her Facebook page we learn that she works for LA Models and went to El Camino High School in Whittier, California. We also learned that there are about a trillion Taylor Godfreys on Twitter so good luck figuring out which one, if any, are her. At least we still have those other social media platforms to keep track of her. And keep track we shall, because she looks like she could be a real star someday (just check out her Instagram pics below and you’ll agree).

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Photo credits: YouTube/Lexus; Taylor Godfrey, Instagram