Who is the sexy actress in the ZzzQuil commercial?

So have you seen the ZzzQuil commercial featuring a sexy blonde actress sleeping in bed then waking up looking kinda hot? Do you want to know who that actress is? Here’s your answer. Her name is Katherine Heigl and once upon a time she was a very well-known, very well-paid actress. She was in movies like Knocked Up and even won an Emmy for her work on Grey’s Anatomy once. Unfortunately there are those in Hollywood that aren’t very fond of Katherine. The Hollywood Reporter says that “bad behavior” and her manager mother have hampered her career. Perhaps this ZzzQuil commercial will be just the thing to get her back in Hollywood’s good graces as she has already been signed to star in a yet to be named NBC drama about the CIA.

(Yes, this week’s edition was done tongue in cheek. We know you know who Katherine Heigl is. Right?)

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Photo credit: YouTube/ZzzQuil