Sexy scream queen Chanel Ryan is without a doubt ‘one to watch’

It’s been awhile since we introduced a sexy lady who we think is going to make it big some day so today we’d like you to meet a lovely actress named Chanel Ryan. We think you’ll like her.

Chanel Ryan is an actress who you may have seen in the past in BASEketball or The Sweet Spot with Bill Murray. In 2014, she rejoins the cast of Bad Kids Go To Hell 2 and stars in supernatural films Marked and Hobgoblins. Ryan also appeared in Alice D, which won the 2014 Best Horror Film at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase Festival.

You may also have seen her in print as she’s been featured in Maxim, FHM, Playboy, DT, Nuts, People, and Ralph, as well as on TV in numerous commercials. With a resume like that, it’s pretty easy to see why we think Chanel Ryan is definitely “one to watch.”

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Photos: Jean Paul Mann