Sofia Vergara catching heat for being rude to fans

Apparently Sofia Vergara isn’t perfect after all, as it is being reported that she pulled some diva tactics with some fans when she went out to eat with her fiance Nick Loeb.

Hollyscoop reports that Vergara and Loeb were out to dinner in New York City recently when they were spotted fighting and basically ruining the whole night for anyone who happened to be in their vicinity.

“Sofia ruined everyone’s evening because she was so rude!” an eyewitness tells Star, “She was fighting with her boyfriend when she arrived, and she took it out on everyone she came in contact with.”

Apparently she requested that her waiter stand guard at her table, so no one would talk to her. When a girl approached and asked for a photo, Sofia “dismissed her and had her sent away. It looked like the girl was crying.”

So basically Sofia Vergara, who lives in a completely different world than the rest of us mortals, was having a bad day and didn’t want to be disturbed by people wanting their 15 seconds with someone famous. Is that how you read that? Because that’s kind of how I do.

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