Solange Knowles deleted all but one of her Instagram pics of Beyonce

This whole Solange Knowles-Beyonce-Jay Z story just keeps getting weirder. Apparently after the scuffle Solange deleted all but one of her Instagram pics of Beyonce, yet they reportedly flew together to Kelly Rowland’s wedding on May 9th.

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Here’s the last remaining photo of the sister’s together on Solange’s account, captioned, “Girls moment. @baddiebey @msmelina.”

Of course the always helpful commenters were quick to point out that Solange missed this photo in her purge…

“I was looking through the page too. Lol. She must have missed this one.”
“U left one.”
“U forgot this one.”
“Fix it Jesus!”

So why go to all the trouble to delete all the pics only to perhaps reconcile just a couple of days later? And why no comment from any of the parties involved? Don’t they know that all this stupid shit is important to the world?

H/T SheKnows