Steven Seagal might run for Governor of Arizona (please let this happen)

Steven Seagal might be adding another impressive title to his resume as he is reportedly pondering a run for governor of Arizona. The other titles on his resume are immobile action movie star, Chechen dancer, Anderson Silva super-mentor, chicken and puppy tank killer, and alleged sexual assaulter. Yes, becoming governor seems like a lock should he actually decide to run.

According to ABC15 via FilmDrunk

The flamboyant actor and martial arts expert tells ABC15 he’s considering a run for the Arizona governor’s office. Seagal says he’s had discussions with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio about the prospective bid, but has other priorities to consider. The 61-year-old Seagal made the comments while talking about his newly released reality series “Steven Seagal – Lawman: Maricopa County” (The Lost Episodes.)

According to Seagal, the number one problem facing the U.S. is its open borders. He also came to the defense of Sheriff Arpaio, as well as discussed the prospect of extending amnesty to undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.

“People are talking about our biggest problem in America, ‘Oh, it’s Islamic terrorism.’ I don’t think it’s that at at all, it’s open borders. I think that across these borders, any kind of terrorism can come, and does come. I think it’s a tremendous oversight by the current administration.”

Like I said, PLEASE let this happen. While he would surely be one of the worst governors in the history of politics and probably ruin lives and destroy the state of Arizona, can you just imagine how much fun it would be to watch? Screw Arizona’s need for a leader. I’m more than willing to sacrifice a whole state just to make this happen. We have 49 more and can just add Puerto Rico to get it back to 50 anyway. Easy-peasy.

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