Supermodel Irina Shayk has a super stalker

Sending flowers and gifts to supermodels seems like a nice, albeit creepy gesture. Showing up at their building incessantly for two years? Well, that makes you a bona fide stalker. Supermodel Irina Shayk has filed a restraining order against a man who has been showing up at her West Village apartment.

Shayk filed two police reports, one of which came after the man broke into her apartment.

She returned to find the intruder in the apartment but managed to run out and call 911. When cops arrived, the man had already left. Shayk filed a complaint, but no arrests were made.

Then, on Sunday, the stalker returned to skulk around the building, but didn’t make it up to the apartment, sources said. We’re told Shayk was alerted by building staff that the same man had returned. She filed yet another complaint, and is now asking for a restraining order, we’re told.

Dammit NYPD. If our supermodels don’t feel safe here, then they won’t stay, and then I’ll cry, and then I’ll be mad. Get your shit together fellas. Irina Shayk and every American erection is depending on you.

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