Tom Cruise pimping Walmart is about as surreal as it gets

So Tom Cruise spoke at the Walmart shareholder meeting over the weekend. And he was introduced by Hugh Jackman. Like I said, surreal. (I’d pay money to see either of them actually pushing a cart in a Walmart.) During Tom’s speech he hit on some major hot button issues and didn’t appear to quite have all his facts straight, according to Radar. He talked about how women are really important to the company (despite three anti-discrimination class-action lawsuits filed by women against Walmart). He talked about how many people in America have little food to eat (despite the fact that the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce claims Wal-Mart plays a role in that being the case). The topper, however, was when he called Walmart a “role model.” No, Tom, you are the role model.

Tom Cruise Headlines Wal-Mart Shareholder Meeting: ‘It’s Hard To Believe Some Americans Have Little Food To Eat’ [Radar]