Who is the ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ bikini model? Here’s your answer

Ever wondered who the bikini model in all those Grand Theft Auto V advertisements is? We’ve got your answer. (And by the way, folks, it isn’t Kate Upton.) Her name is Shelby Welinder.

Many have speculated that the model was Kate Upton or Yvonne Strahovski. The resemblance in the Grand Theft Auto V ads to Kate Upton is rather striking, with Redditors even going so far as to make GIFS comparing Kate and the model in the ads (see the crazy comparisons they made at The Daily Dot – complete with GIFs) that make it seem as if Upton really is the model.

Unfortunately for those folks that put in all that time, The Daily Dot has confirmed that it is not Kate Upton, but is in fact Shelby Welinder.

So who is Shelby Welinder anyway? For starters you can follow her on Instagram (pictures above) and Twitter. As for the rest of her bio? Well, we’re kind of at a loss. We found more sexy pictures of her here. We found a modeling portfolio for her here, where it does little more than give us her vital stats” 5’8.5″, 25″ waist, 35″ hips, size 8.5 shoe. So I guess there is still some mystery surrounding her after all. Just not whether or not she’s the GTA V bikini model. That one has been solved.

The fact the Welinder is the Grand Theft Auto V bikini model really shouldn’t have been such a secret since she did an interview in 2012 telling everyone that exact fact. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted, but now its case closed.

By the way, Grand Theft Auto V comes out on Tuesday, and if you look closely in the credits, guess who’s name you’ll see?

That’s not Kate Upton in the ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ ads—it’s this model [The Daily Dot]