Look At All The Mullets And Frat Daddys In This 1990 Documentary About The UCF Greek Week Games

Ever wonder what Greek life was like back in the early ’90s? This blast-from-the-past comes from a video about Kappa Sigma during UCF’s Greek Week Games. It’s almost like someone unsealed a time capsule of frat shenanigans from 25 years ago and scored it to “Just A Job To Do” by Genesis. According to Chuck Moffat, the video’s uploader:

Back when we had REAL Greek Games, this is what they looked like. They were all sorts of opportunities to imperil your safety and sobriety.,,,as well as that of everyone around you. Political Correctness and insurance riders eventually made short work of that. I don’t know what they’re passing off as Greek Week these days but this was the read deal. Brothers and Sisters, pump up the volume!!!!

The cosmetic differences between 1990 and today are wonderful: Look at all the AC Slater hair! And those mustaches! And the short-shorts! If you thought Chubbies sky’s out thighs out shorts were a new trend, check out the daisy dukes of freedom on these ’90s frat daddys. Nothing is new under the sun.

This man is an American hero:

And this dude…

Just think… All of these guys are all settled down and in their mid-to-late 40s right now, with children about to go to college.

That’s the circle of Bro-life, Bros.

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