21-Year-Old College Dream Girl Arrested After Trying To Use A Slice Of Pizza As Her ID For The Bar



Get ready to fall in love, bros. Earlier this year I ranked Antonios Pizza at UMass Amherst the #6 best college town pizza joint in the entire country (scroll all the way down to see it). After this particularly lit incident, I think it deserves to go a couple notches higher on the list, though it could never dethrone my beloved Canyon at Penn State or Benny Marzano at V-Tech.

On Thursday night in Amherst, a 21-year-old girl was popped for disorderly conduct after she tried to use a slice of pizza from Antonios as ID for the bar. via The Daily Hampshire Gazette

Around 12:16 a.m., police had been summoned to the bar when another woman was asked to show her ID to the doorman, and instead attempted to present a slice of pizza. After being informed that pizza was not a valid means of gaining entry to the establishment, the woman slapped the doorman in the face, according to police, and was issued a trespass notice to stay away from the location.

“After being informed that pizza was not a valid means of gaining entry to the establishment,” might be my all-time favorite sentence in the English language.

Way to keep things lit, Amherst. She might have a drunk and disorderly on her record, but this girl should easily be the biggest legend in town after those shenanigans.

Kinda hope my favorite chill pizza-eating dude and this girl start dating. That’d be a match in viral Internet heaven.