The 50 Best College Town Pizza Shops In America

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Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, the same scene repeats itself in hundreds of college towns across America: Broke college kids leave a party or a bar and are instantly hit with a craving for pizza. As a matter of ritual, hordes of inebriated students descend upon their college town’s beloved pizza establishment to stuff their face with cheap ‘za. For college kids, it’s a drunchies right of passage that plays itself out millions of times around the country after last call.

Almost two years ago I asked BroBible readers to tell us about the best college town pizza shops. After receiving hundreds and hundreds of submissions, we’ve compiled the best spots for late night collegiate pizza bliss.

Here’s our official ranking of best college town pizza shops based on the BroBible community’s enthusiastic reactions. Each listing is accompanied by a testimonial from a BroBible reader.

If you think your college go-to drunk pizza joint is missing, please drop us an e-mail using this form and tell us why.


50. Pizza and More — SUNY Cortland


Why it’s great: “The cold cheese pizza and the chicken bacon ranch are to die for when plastered. Also, if you’re from Long Island or the NYC area, it is the closest thing to a true slice of New York pizza in the strange land of Upstate New York. It’s a taste of home.”

Five-Star Yelp Review:

What’s goes down late night: “The most striking I’ve seen was the time that a chick went crowd surfing in the pizza shop (pictured above). It Made @SUNYPartyStories.”





49. Del Vecchios — Old Dominion University



Why it’s great: “They sell dollar slices from 2pm-5pm. They also sell a pizza called chicken ranch, which is sex. It’s3 a deep dish kinda pizza that looks like a old school pie. Inside the deep dish crush they put a ranch sauce base, chicken, and cheese. Then have to try it on a trip to ODU. It is perfection.

Five-Star Yelp Review:


What’s goes down late night: “I once watched the owner come around to almost fight when a dude was being a asshole. Friend got in a brawl and knocked out from a skateboard to the head. I had to go sneak him out of a hospital because he didn’t have insurance for the ambulance ride. Also saw a few pairs of tits as well. But ODU is pretty fun when we don’t have people getting shot from the ratchets. I use to go in Del Vechs trashed and be the loudest fucker in there, but I claimed down some. Shout out to Steve, the owner, for always putting up with my drunk ass.”




48. Little Vinnys — Stony Brook



Why it’s great: “One of the best cold cheese slices in Suffolk County, New York and it stays open till 4am.”

Five-Star Yelp Review:


What’s goes down late night: “A LOT of people hit it when the bars close down. Things get pretty crazy inside. I once saw two chicks making out with each other in a booth.”

Note: There is no specialty slices here or garlic knots so if that’s what you are into, you will have to go somewhere else.  A pie is a little expensive and comes out super hot, be careful your mouth might be burnt for days if you are real drunk and cant wait.”


47. Wise Guys — Mizzou

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 5.56.12 PM


Why it’s great: “They have a pie called ‘The Untouchable’ that’s ridiculous: It’s thin crust is ginormous, so you and all your Bros can share when you are back from the bars, along with any girls that happen to be around looking for an excuse to visit your room.”

Five-Star Yelp Review:


What’s goes down late night:  “The beauty of Wise Guys is that it’s super small and they deliver all night, so no need to visit the actual store ’cause they’ll come to you. Also, the delivery drivers are much more open to being a taxi service for drunk kids on the weekends.”


46. Mesa Pizza — University of Iowa

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 6.01.09 PM


Why it’s great:

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 6.03.43 PM

Five-Star Yelp Review:


What’s goes down late night:

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