The 50 Best College Town Pizza Shops In America

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Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, the same scene repeats itself in hundreds of college towns across America: Broke college kids leave a party or a bar and are instantly hit with a craving for pizza. As a matter of ritual, hordes of inebriated students descend upon their college town’s beloved pizza establishment to stuff their face with cheap ‘za. For college kids, it’s a drunchies right of passage that plays itself out millions of times around the country after last call.

Almost two years ago I asked BroBible readers to tell us about the best college town pizza shops. After receiving hundreds and hundreds of submissions, we’ve compiled the best spots for late night collegiate pizza bliss.

Here’s our official ranking of best college town pizza shops based on the BroBible community’s enthusiastic reactions. Each listing is accompanied by a testimonial from a BroBible reader.

If you think your college go-to drunk pizza joint is missing, please drop us an e-mail using this form and tell us why.


50. Pizza and More — SUNY Cortland


Why it’s great: “The cold cheese pizza and the chicken bacon ranch are to die for when plastered. Also, if you’re from Long Island or the NYC area, it is the closest thing to a true slice of New York pizza in the strange land of Upstate New York. It’s a taste of home.”

Five-Star Yelp Review:

What’s goes down late night: “The most striking I’ve seen was the time that a chick went crowd surfing in the pizza shop (pictured above). It Made @SUNYPartyStories.”





49. Del Vecchios — Old Dominion University



Why it’s great: “They sell dollar slices from 2pm-5pm. They also sell a pizza called chicken ranch, which is sex. It’s3 a deep dish kinda pizza that looks like a old school pie. Inside the deep dish crush they put a ranch sauce base, chicken, and cheese. Then have to try it on a trip to ODU. It is perfection.

Five-Star Yelp Review:


What’s goes down late night: “I once watched the owner come around to almost fight when a dude was being a asshole. Friend got in a brawl and knocked out from a skateboard to the head. I had to go sneak him out of a hospital because he didn’t have insurance for the ambulance ride. Also saw a few pairs of tits as well. But ODU is pretty fun when we don’t have people getting shot from the ratchets. I use to go in Del Vechs trashed and be the loudest fucker in there, but I claimed down some. Shout out to Steve, the owner, for always putting up with my drunk ass.”




48. Little Vinnys — Stony Brook



Why it’s great: “One of the best cold cheese slices in Suffolk County, New York and it stays open till 4am.”

Five-Star Yelp Review:


What’s goes down late night: “A LOT of people hit it when the bars close down. Things get pretty crazy inside. I once saw two chicks making out with each other in a booth.”

Note: There is no specialty slices here or garlic knots so if that’s what you are into, you will have to go somewhere else.  A pie is a little expensive and comes out super hot, be careful your mouth might be burnt for days if you are real drunk and cant wait.”


47. Wise Guys — Mizzou

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 5.56.12 PM


Why it’s great: “They have a pie called ‘The Untouchable’ that’s ridiculous: It’s thin crust is ginormous, so you and all your Bros can share when you are back from the bars, along with any girls that happen to be around looking for an excuse to visit your room.”

Five-Star Yelp Review:


What’s goes down late night:  “The beauty of Wise Guys is that it’s super small and they deliver all night, so no need to visit the actual store ’cause they’ll come to you. Also, the delivery drivers are much more open to being a taxi service for drunk kids on the weekends.”


46. Mesa Pizza — University of Iowa

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 6.01.09 PM


Why it’s great:

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 6.03.43 PM

Five-Star Yelp Review:


What’s goes down late night:

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 6.03.32 PM


Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 6.00.05 PM


Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 6.02.23 PM


Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 6.02.53 PM


45. SDS Pizza — Miami University, Ohio

Why it’s great: “1: Great Chicago-style thin crust.  Yes, that’s right: Chicago-style thin crust.  2: Also a convenience store where you can get beer. 3: If you’re too fucked up, they deliver (…including beer), so they’ve got that going for them… which is nice.”

Five-Star Yelp Review:


What’s goes down late night: “Two story beer bong from the apartment above the store offering free beer bongs to girls who flash their chests.”



44. Vito’s Pizza – University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 6.51.25 PM


Why it’s great: “On Wrightsville Beach, nothing is better. Just straight up drunk, greasy pizza. Get the Sweetwater, which has green peppers, pineapple, and ham.”

Five-Star Yelp Review:


What’s goes down late night: “I once saw a girl in the back eating without pants on.”


43. Satchel’s — University of Florida

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 7.06.51 PM


Why it’s great: “Large pizzas that just taste great, homemade sodas, hipster scenery perfect for college kids, you can sit in a decorated van to eat pizza.”

Five-Star Yelp Review:



What’s goes down late night: “Dudes dancing on the van.”

RE: Said van. Here is what it looks like:

And there’s a plane:

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 7.06.18 PM


And the pizza itself:

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 7.15.28 PM


42. Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza — American University

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 7.14.34 PM


Why it’s great: “The Arlington location is open late and great for hitting up after bars. Pizza that tastes like Frank Pepe’s in New Haven but in D.C. Joe Biden eats there all the time.”

Five-Star Yelp Review:


What’s goes down late night: “Drunk eating. That is all.”

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 7.24.05 PM


Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 7.19.29 PM


41. Pinos Pizza — Boston College

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 7.27.30 PM


Why it’s great: “The great debate between Boston College students on where to end a night with a slice was always between Pinos and Prestons. Presto in Cleveland Circle to have two-foot pies and big grandma slices that were great when you’re drunk, but now Pinos is the only game in town. It’s been family-owned for 50 years. They are the only pace open and deliver til 2am. The pizza is ORGASMIC. Bros travel leagues from different realms. Nothing serious goes against Pinos.”

Five-Star Yelp Review:


What’s goes down late night: “Craziest thing I’ve ever seen is two babes making out with each other while friends roll a blunt on the counter ordering, only to have police come while they are eating pizza. Also spotted David Ortiz and Matt Ryan there.”

40. Sammy’s Pizza — Ithaca College & Cornell University

Why it’s great: “They have an awesome variety of pizzas to choose from. The prices are college friendly. They’re open until like 4 in the morning, which is very clutch indeed.”

Five-Star Yelp Review:



What’s goes down late night: “A 8th of weed on the floor, which I picked up to confiscate of course. The usual group of chicks stuffing their faces with ‘zzia after the bars close is almost always a staple.”

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 7.36.43 PM


39. Pizza House — Gettysburg College



Why it’s great: “Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza. Shit is the bomb. Alcohol only makes it better.”

Five-Star Yelp Review:

pizza1 pizza2

What’s goes down late night: “It’s got to be the time I witnessed some drunk chick projectile vomit on their counter while she was ordering. She just booted mid sentence, didn’t even put a hand over her mouth.”


38. Slices — University of Maryland


Why it’s great: “Giant slices and it’s open after the bars close. Mac and cheese pizza, buffalo chicken pizza, garlic balls.”

Five-Star Yelp Review:


What’s goes down late night:  “Theres literally a fight on worldstar from slices. Its in an old fight compilation on their site. Also saw a blowjob in the bathroom from a couple who “forgot” to close the door.”


slices - 1 slices - 2 slices - 3 slices - 4


37. Franky’s– Chico State


Why it’s great: “Best place to get a slice of pizza when your drunk.”

Five-Star Yelp Review:


What’s goes down late night: “Girls can flash the window guy for a free slice of pizza. Seen it done twice.”



36. Antoon’s Pizza — University of Pittsburgh

Why it’s great: “Open until 4 AM, $6 for an eight slice pie all day.”

Five-Star Yelp Review:


What’s goes down late night: “40 people standing in line at 3 AM waiting to get a pie.”

pitt - 1 pitt - 2 pitt - 3 pitt - 4

35. Casa D’Amici — West Virginia University


Why it’s great: “Great drunk food, pizza sauce is really sweet.”

Five-Star Yelp Review:


What’s goes down late night: “I broke up a fight while in line once. Cops came and broke it up. While eating the pizza I said it tasted really spicy. Turns out the cops just opened the front door and sprayed mace inside. If you want a kick on your pizza forget the red pepper flakes and go straight for the mace.”



34. Shorty’s Pizza Shack — Baylor University


Why it’s great: Until last year, they did $3 pitchers for any beer they had on tap – helluva deal and definitely the claim to fame. Most of Baylor was pissed when they got rid of it. On the food side their pizza slices are pretty solid, and the Pizza Pillows taste awesome and are unique.

Five-Star Yelp Review:


What’s goes down late night: “$3 dollar pitchers will cause some crazy stuff…”




33. T. Anothony’s — Boston University


Why it’s great: “Drunken madness around 2 AM, best pizza in Boston outside of the north end.”

Five-Star Yelp Review:


What’s goes down late night: “A lot of hooking up in the bathroom, dancing on tables, drunk freshmen puking up their recently ingested pizza, all the usual. But the funniest thing I’ve seen was when some drunk up dip shit ran through, screaming obscenities, trying in vain to get to the bathroom before he shit himself in a furious blaze of glory.”


32. Maxi’s – Temple University

Why it’s great: “Wild pizza toppings that work. Buffalo chicken pizza is amazing.”

temple - 6

Five-Star Yelp Review: 


What’s goes down late night:

temple - 4

temple - 2 temple - 3  temple - 5

temple - 1

31. Dazzos Pizzeria — University of Tennessee


Why it’s great: “Buffalo Chicken Pizza is phenomenal. Garlic knots are great. Hippy atmosphere.”


Five-Star Yelp Review: 


What’s goes down late night: ‘My girlfriend  gets crazy and dips a slice in marinara and ranch at the same time.”


30. Sy’s Pizza — University Of Oregon


Why it’s great: “It’s been called ‘the best Slice on the West Coast.'”

Five-Star Yelp Review:


Cravings from Eugene: 

sogood - 1 sogood - 2 sogood - 3 sogood - 4 sogood - 5


29. Goodfellas — Ohio University


Why it’s great: “Buffalo chicken pizza with a side cup of ranch to pour on top of the slice. White pizza with chicken parm on it.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 


What’s goes down late night: Drunk eating. Lots of drunk eating.

goodfellas - 1 goodfellas - 2 goodfellas - 3


28. Pizza Shuttle — Kansas University and Kansas State University


Why it’s great: “CREAM CHEESE PIZZA. Great cheap late night pizza in Lawrence and Manhattan. The Pizza Shuttle song may be the greatest thing ever.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 


Jayhawk and Wildcat alumnus reviews: 

pizzashuttle - 1 pizzashuttle - 2 pizzashuttle - 3 pizzashuttle - 4 pizzashuttle - 5 pizzashuttle - 6 pizzashuttle - 7

27. Falbo Bros — University of Iowa


Why it’s great: “Its claim to fame is bomb-ass pizza by the slice for only $2 a slice. Fuck yea. What makes it good is that it’s tasty sober or inebriated, and it always hits the spot, because its melt-in-your-mouth toppings and heavenly, buttery crust combine so perfectly to make pizza that can’t be topped.”

Five-Star Yelp Reviews:

falbros falbros2 


What’s goes down late night: “I saw some dude puke on another dude who was passed the fuck out. He woke up and really didn’t seem to give a shit. He was just that drunk.”

falbros - 1 falbros - 2 falbros - 3 falbros - 4


26. Vesuvios Pizza — Notre Dame



Why it’s great: “It’s right next to three popular bars in Downtown South Bend, Club Fever (Thursdays), Finny’s (Friday/Saturdays) and CJs (Saturdays). After the bars close at 3am, drunk college kids flock there, but the place is entirely empty except for one kitchen counter…. Located next to the most popular nightclub in South Bend, whose “big night” is Thursday, Vesuvio’s is always busy for post-last-call drunchies.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 


What’s goes down late night:




25. Krazy Karl’s — Colorado State University


Why it’s great: “Cream cheese on pizza! The krazy Hawaiian, pepperoni with cream cheese. Sounds weird but they’re busy with a wait until they close at 3 AM. Ft. Collins has the most pizza restaurants per capita in the USA, none of which hold a candle to Krazy Karls. Around 300 places that fail in comparison.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 


Craziest thing ever witnessed there: “Four girls in line waiting to puke in the bathroom.”


24. Paul’s Pizza — Salisbury University


Why it’s great: “Paul’s Pizza is the best pizza within a 50 mile radius of Salisbury University. No one knows about this place. But like that mysterious fucking island in Pirates of the Caribbean, if you know where it is, you go all the fucking time. They even have these beautiful hand-made cannolis that make you orgasm.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 

pauls1 pauls


23. Little Italy Pizzeria — University Of Georgia



Why it’s great: “Best New York style pizza in the SEC. Cheap. Best spot for the drunchies in downtown Athens after the bars close.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 

yelp1 yelp2

Twitter testimonials: 

little-italy - 1 little-italy - 2 little-italy - 3


22. Gigio’s Pizza of Evanston — Northwestern University



Why it’s great: “The cheap delicious pizza. Cheese is a personal favorite mostly because it costs $2 for a giant slice.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 

nwest mmm

True stories of drunk Northwestern debauchery:


21. Margheritas — University of Delaware

Why it’s great: “By the slice or whole pie, always hits the spot. Has a very NY feel and everyone does pitcher races there.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 

udel udel2

Enthusiastic cravings: 


20.  Pizza X — Indiana University



Why it’s great: “The Big Ten Special!! $10 for a pizza and 2 cokes, delivered to your drunken ass at 3 am….oh, and the best ranch dressing ever to dip that pizza in. It pretty much makes your mouth orgasm over and over again.

Five-Star Yelp Review: 

bloomington bloomington1

The cravings are real: 

pizzax - 1 pizzax - 2 pizzax - 3 pizzax - 4 pizzax - 5


19. Pizza My Heart — UC Santa Barbara


Why it’s great: “Best ingredients, best sauce, best dough. It’s much more expensive than any other place around but it’s the dopest pizza place in Isla Vista.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 


The UCSB admissions department thanks you, Pizza My Heart:

ucsb - 2

ucsb - 1ucsb - 3


18. Mother Bears — Indiana University

11248159_1049594715073659_4191906883258078941_n mother

Why it’s great: “It has one-of a kind unique pizzas and it is good spot for any occasion. Its an establishment on IU’s campus as evident by the amount of signatures written up on the wall.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 




What’s goes down late night: “Two people hooking up in a back booth.”

motha - 1 motha - 2 motha - 3


17. Pizza di Roma — University of Wisconsin — Madison


Why it’s great: “It’s like Ian’s for grownups. They have great service and more variety in their pizza slices. Also they’re open like two hours after all the other food joints in Madison have closed, which is really clutch.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 

okaa okaa2

Enthusiastic cravings: 

vhungry mad



16. New York Pizza Depot (NYPD) — University of Michigan


Why it’s great: “Right outside popular night spots like Scorekeepers, this place offers some great pizza slices. For the giant Now York area students at Michigan, NYPD is the closest pizza to our home. From buffalo chicken to mac n’ cheese pizza, it is always a hit. Also, for the number of Chicago kids there is deep dish as well for an extra charge.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 


What’s goes down late night: “I once saw an old man sleeping on the toilet in the bathroom.”

nypd - 1 nypd - 2 nypd - 3 nypd - 4 nypd - 5 nypd - 6

15. Randy’s Wooster St. Pizza — UCONN

Why it’s great: It’s home to “The Pie” — A 22” 10lb pizza stuffed with a combination too big to list. If two people eat this pizza in a one-hour sitting it’s FREE! Adam Richman from Man Vs. Food did it once.

Five-Star Yelp Review: 

uconn uconn2


14. Two Boots — Vanderbilt University


o-7 o-8

Why it’s great: “One of the claims to fame would have to be the awesome pizza names from: Mr. Pink, The Dude, Cleopatra Jones, The Newman, and more. One of the pizzas, The Kitty, actually has Hattie B’s hot chicken as a topping and it is glorious. The atmosphere is amazing and the staff are very interactive with the customers.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 

nash nash2

Celeb name-dropping: “Last year after downing a couple or ten beers at the bar next door, The Red Door, we decided to go grab a few slices. We walked in and Selena Gomez was just sitting on the counter taking pics with the staff.Two Boots also happens to be next door to one of Taylor Swift’s condos in Nashville, but I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing her in there yet.”

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13. Skinny Vinny’s — Rutgers University


Why it’s great: “Chicken bacon ranch pizza. That is all”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 


Tweet cravings: 

skinny - 1 skinny - 2 skinny - 3


12. Benny Nicola’s — Radford University


Why it’s great: “Pizza slices that are as big as your fucking head.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 


Killer pizza shop Facebook game examples

facebook - 1

facebook - 2

facebook - 3 facebook - 4


 11. Mesa Pizza — University of Minnesota — Twin Cities




Why it’s great: “With a line stretching out the door nearly every night til 2 or 3 am, they give you a heaping slice of whatever type of pizza you could imagine. They are on display then heated up and given to you. Easily the busiest place on campus any given night, especially on weekends.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 



What’s goes down late night: “They have bouncers there on weekends. That should say enough. I saw my friend get punched in the face because he got pizza before someone else.”

mesaa messssa

10. Cottage Inn — Michigan State University

o-8 Ce203AlWIAADbDo

Why it’s great: “Not only is the pizza the tits, but the owner is described as none other than a legend. After recently joining the world of Twitter, George took his advertising approach to a whole new level, instead of issuing annoying markup markdown offers, he coined the $5 “#StumbleHomePizza.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 


Late night pizza story time: “Nothing too wild inside, besides maybe a few inebriated chicks yacking into an empty box on the front steps, one time my buddy and I stopped by and were offered a free #stumblehomepizza (…because George is just a homie like that). A kid we were with got stopped by the cops. He took off running, big orange cottage inn pizza box in hand, and ended up stumbling into our place an hour later, one slice for himself left.”




9. Pugsleys — Fordham University


Why it’s great: “Chicken rolls are out of this world. Best cheese slice in The Bronx…. Every pizza is handmade to perfection, popular items are named after students.”


Five-Star Yelp Review: 

pug pug2

What’s goes down late night: “I lost my virginity in the bathroom when visiting Fordham to see if I wanted to go to school there.”




Five-Star Yelp Review: 

What’s goes down late night:


8. Buckeye Pizza — THE Ohio State University


Why it’s great: “Open till 4 am, cheap pizza, grimy, greasy joint connected to a gas station. By far best pizza off-campus at OSU.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 


Guilty pleasure alert: 



7. Momo’s Pizza — Florida State



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Why it’s great: “Home made sauce, Bradley’s sausage, NY style thin crust. Oh the size is huge: Pizzas are 36-inches.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 

biggger bigggg

Enthusiastic ‘grams of massive Momo’s pizza pies:

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6. Antonios — UMass Amherst


Why it’s great: “The wide selection, quality, and overall experience on going drunk on a Friday or Saturday night. Chicken bacon ranch for days! If it’s your first time there or even your 100th time, there will always be something that fucks with your brain yet gives your taste buds the best trip ever. Friday nights after midnight you can skip the line and get hot slices of cheese pizza for $1.  All other slices you wait in line.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 

yelp1 yelp2

Mouth-watering pizza pics: 

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5. Pinocchio’s Pizza — Harvard University



Why it’s great: “Harvard’s famous square pizza, mentioned on television in series’ like Suits on USA. They have a two slice deal and a ton of flavors readily available. They have signed photos of the Italian National Football team and other teams like the Seattle Seahawks, and boast pictures of Mark Zuckerberg having late night pizza. It’s a tiny and quaint looking place, but it’s fame on campus is unquestioned.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 


What’s goes down late night: “Lines all the way down the street at 2 a.m. on the weekends; the drunk place to go after parties. Great location in terms of proximity to the clubs.”

harvard - 1 harvard - 2 harvard - 3 harvard - 4 harvard - 5


4. Ian’s Pizza — University of Wisconsin — Madison



Why it’s great: “Overall, Ian’s most famous slice, which draws hoards of drunk people pining for a taste every weekend, is their Mac n Cheese pizza. They also have weekly specialty pizzas as well as other unconventional flavors that you’d never expect to see on a pizza. Spicy chicken taco, spicy chicken/chorizo quesadilla, chicken penne alfredo, and steak and fries are some of my favorites, to name a few. Often times the most difficult decision of the night is which slice to order.

Anybody who’s been to Ian’s late-night knows its one downside is the line. The later you show up, the longer you wait. I’ve waited for 45 minutes before, and i’ve seen the line longer than that. All those drunk people standing around bored and hungry makes for a pretty entertaining wait though. I once saw a guy order three slices and throw them at the front window of the store… only to be picked up and eaten by somebody else, who seemingly couldn’t bare to wait any longer.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 

pizzzzza pizzza

Craving tweets:


love love2

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3. Canyon Pizza — Penn State





Why it’s great: Best $1 drunk slice in America, usually best enjoyed soaked in ranch dressing.

Five-Star Yelp Review: 

canyon canyon1


Delightful pizza shop Twitter-shaming: 


2. Cosmo’s Pizza — CU-Boulder


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Why it’s great: “Spicy ranch is unbelievable. Big ass slices made fresh. I wish I could remember more because I’m blacked out every time I go.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 

davdsva dafasda

Twitter love-letters to Cosmos:

cosmos4 cosmos2 cosmos5 cosmos1 cosmos6 cosmos3


1. Benny Marzano’s Pizza Shop — Virginia Tech


Why it’s great: “The Virginia Slice” as it’s known, is famous for serving the largest slice/pie in the state and possibly the east coast. A whole pie can barely fit through a door… vertically. A 36 inch pizza in diamater… yea that big.

Amazing stories about why it’s the best: “Watched a kid pull the trigger just to eat a 2 foot slice of ‘za. Dropped a slice on the ground, covered in dirt and rocks, still ate it simply because I was needin’ it…. Girls basically making out with pizza instead of eating it… Last year a cute girl flashed me for a slice when I was walking out with a 28 inch pie…. Two kids put down their slices to get into scuffle with another kid. Both get their ass beat, and turn around to realize their slices have been stolen. Crowd of drunk kids laugh hysterically.”

Five-Star Yelp Review: 


Amazing Facebook pic game, via:





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