What’s The Best Pizza Shop In Your College Town?



Bros… I have a question and I need you to help me out. Yesterday I told you that October is National Pizza Month, which is great news for a person like me who eats pizza four times a week regardless of there being a dedicated “month” for it. We got in a little debate about all the pizza we ate in college at the office and it got us thinking… What college town pizzaeria deserves the title of “best college pizza joint?”

See, I went to Penn State where we would stupidly wait in line after slamming Busch Lite sodas on Thursday – Saturday night to eat $1 slices of Canyon Pizza doused in ranch dressing. Sometimes we’d do College Pizza, Bell’s, or Gumbys — home of the Pokey Sticks — just to mix it up from Canyon, which tastes like lukewarm cardboard if you haven’t had enough beers. That said, Canyon in all its gritty glory holds a special place in our hearts for those of us who did the Penn State thing. I mean… Just look at this place:




That made me think… Every school in the country has a beloved late night pizza shop *like* Canyon that they flock to after a night out at parties or the bars. And we want to know about it. So tell us about the best, most delicious pizza place in your college town using the form below OR in the comments of this post. We want to know WHY your favorite pizza shop is a munchie palace worth of praise in the BroBible, so be specific.

We’ll be featuring some of your comments and feedback an upcoming feature on BroBible.

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