This Auburn University Fraternity Got Trapped On A Charter Bus For 21 Hours And Documented It With Snapchat

Snapchat is probably the only app actually worth having on your phone. Google maps? Nah. Twitter? Go fuck yourself. And I swear to Christ if I see some bullshit on there like “Clash of Clans” we’re not going to be friends for much longer…but Snapchat is just fine. Not only is playing “Butthole Roulette” with your friends always a good way to waste a fe- …you don’t know what Butthole Roulette is?

Basically all you have to do is send boring snaps to the same person over and over so that they just skim through them trying to clear their feed, EXCEPT one snap is a butthole. Doesn’t matter whose butthole it is, but the point is that you catch them off guard and hopefully they’re somewhere out in public with their parents. You’ll know you’ve won Butthole Roulette when you get an angry text along the lines of “DUDE fuck you my Mom is sitting right next to me.”

What was the point of that? Oh yeah, Snapchat is great for wasting time, which is something that Auburn University’s Farmhouse Fraternity had a lot of considering they spent more than 20 hours stuck on a charter bus on its way to a planned formal.

Things were going great, said Parrish on the phone with from the bus, until the bus crept to a stop.

Rather quickly, she said, it became apparent that the bus wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Freezing temperatures, afternoon snowfall and black ice made the roads impassable Friday evening across North Alabama.

The National Weather Service forecast office in Huntsville issued a local area emergency around the time of the group’s departure for seven north Alabama counties because of a layer of ice had made driving almost impossible. Hundreds remained trapped in the area, including 18 players and coaches of a girls’ basketball team from Macon, Ga., who were on their way to Martin Methodist College in Pulaski, Tenn., for a tournament.

Traffic froze to a standstill.

“There were trucks in front of us, cars,” said Parrish. “There was nowhere to go and nothing to do except sit.”


Sit, and send Snapchats to friends, of course.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed the bus eventually started moving again and everyone managed to make it to the formal by 8:00 on Saturday. It’s not like they really needed to go anyway though, I’m sure there was enough concealed liquor on that bus to get an entire herd of elephants black-out drunk and then some.