400-Pound Bear Crashes Lehigh University Party, Petrifies Students, Brings No Beer, Gets Tranqued

It’s 2 a.m. in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, what’s a bear to do? There’s no bees buzzing around for you to follow back to their hive for some yummy honey. Nobody is out on their checkered blankets enjoying the day for you to steal their picnic baskets. Might as well listen for the music and find a bumping party, maybe they have Flamin’ Hot Cheetos or salt and vinegar potato chips. So that’s just what this baller-ass bear did, but people at this Lehigh University party weren’t too stoked to have the furry wanderer join the shindig.

Lehigh campus security was on the lookout for the black bear since Friday when it was seen near an arena and the university’s athletic facilities at the Goodman Campus in south Bethlehem, but it ran away into a swampy area. Then the black bear, who weighed up to 400 pounds, crashed a student party early Saturday morning near the campus of Lehigh University. The uninvited guest “lumbered close to the party and scared the living daylights out of people,” police Chief Mark DiLuzio said.

Police established a perimeter and chased the bear up a tree. Around 4:30 a.m., the bear was tranquilized and captured.

“The bear wasn’t any threat to anybody,” said Tyler Krieder, district officer of the Pennsylvania Game Commission. “It was just looking for somewhere to eat, take a break.”

Krieder said a tattoo on the bear’s inner lip indicates that it was from New Jersey. The bear remains in the custody of the game commission and is doing fine. Pennsylvania and New Jersey authorities will discuss on which side of the Delaware river the animal will be released.

I’m so shocked, and thankful, that no one was seriously injured or died from this peculiar incident. It would have been extremely easy for me to believe that at least one if not many more, drunk males at a college party would be gushing with liquid courage, thanks to their 12 shots of Fireball, and approached the bear in an attempt to impress the onlooking ladies. If he had just brought beer, I think people would have happily invited the bear to the party.


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