Here’s A Ranking Of The Best College Dining Halls In America And I’ve Never Even HEARD Of #2 On The List


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Compiling a list of the best college dining halls in America probably wasn’t easy. That’s one of the reasons we left the ranking in the capable hands of something called Spoon University and kept our noses and forks out of the entire situation.

I’m sure people are going to be angry about their school’s ranking, or probably that their school didn’t make the cut, because more than a few editors here were pissed and very little on the Internet causes them to move in their desk chairs. This list had a few editors bristling. BRISTLING!

Spoon University chose only 36 schools out of thousands. Here’s the complete list. Here’s the top ten dining halls for people too lazy to click.

1. Boston University
2. Brandeis University
3. Bucknell University
4. Columbia University
5. Cornell University
6. Dartmouth College
7. Georgia Institute Of Technology
8. Georgetown University
9. Johns Hopkins University
10. Lafayette College

No offense to Brandeis University but who the hell are you Brandeis University? You better have some insane food to be the second best dining hall in America.

Students at Brandeis absolutely love Lower Usdan. From the Garden Bar with a great amount of ingredients to make your own perfect salad, to the Usdan diner with dishes like hamburgers, cheese quesadillas, and french fries—you can definitely find what you’re looking for here.


[via USA Today]

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