What is the Best Fictional Movie College of All Time? VOTE NOW!


You know them. You are fond of them. You’ve day-dreamed about what it would be like to attend them and party with the main characters. Hell, you’ve wished your college experience was half as fun. Of course we are talking about the fictional colleges from our favorite movies. Today you have your say of which one is top dog. The contenders are below. So vote now!

• Metro City State – 22 Jump Street, 2014


We don’t know much about the college campus that 22 Jump Street is set in, but we have heard some rumblings that it’s going to be epic.

• Faber College – Animal House, 1978


Any bro who has seen Animal House knows that Faber College is basically the granddaddy of fictional colleges and has paved the way for fictional colleges of the present and future. Whether or not you think of yourself as an Omega Theta Pi, or a Delta Tau Chi — with the likes of Bluto, Otter and Boon — Faber College has a spot for any bro looking to bro his face off.

• Adams College – Revenge of the Nerds, 1984


Adams College, where jocks rule and nerds drool. From admission to the best frats, to perks of being popular, if you play football, Adams College is where you want to go. Accept for if you like being a shithead to nerds, because the ones at Adams College are quite vengeful.

• Harrison University – Old School, 2003


Fraternity parties featuring performances by Snoop Dogg and sponsored by Speaker City? Check. Late night streak sesh across the quad? Check. Women wrestling in personal lubricate? Check and mate.

• Port Chester University – PCU, 1994


If you haven’t chanted, “Hey, hey. Ho, ho. This penis party’s got to go” on repeat after watching PCU, then shit, you haven’t lived, son.

• Coolidge College – Van Wilder, 2002


In the annals of fictional college history, there will never be a bigger on-campus bro than Van Wilder. However, Coolidge College might lose some points and votes here because Wilder is now gone and some of the college’s frat bros have been known to eat dog semen.

• South Harmon Institute Of Technology – Accepted, 2006


How can  you go wrong with a college whose abbreviated name is literally S.H.I.T. and is run by its students? Answer: You can’t.

• Western University – Blue Chips, 1994


No one can forget Western University, it’s star-studded basketball team and legendary basketball coach Pete Bell. That guy really knew how to recruit, didn’t he? Wouldn’t mind playing for him. Or sleeping with his sexy ex-wife.

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