Here Is Another Map Ranking the 50 Biggest Party Schools In Each State

Ah, the old “biggest party schools” discussion. When it comes to anything and everything about the biggest party schools, BroBible has the beat on LOCK. I think by now we’ve pretty firmly established the 50 best party schools in the United States. In fact, back in April we released a map breaking down the biggest party schools in each state that’s very, very similar to this map from eCollegeFinder on the biggest party schools.

This map is based on data from College Prowler, a website  that I think only concerned parents and weirdos who give campus tours visit. Here’s the very similar map we made in April, which was created using historical rankings and average ranking from top party school lists by Playboy, Princeton Review, BroBible’s Top 50 Party Schools, Newsweek, along with several others.

The only two differences I see are that we put ‘Cuse in for New York State (because it’s much bigger than Colgate (pssh) and and that we have WSU over the University of Washington in Washington state.

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