One College Is Putting Its Foot Down About Man Buns And Saying ‘NO MORE!’

Man buns are taking a beating in the press this month. First, they’re being linked to baldness, and now they’re not welcome on one college campus.

Brigham Young University’s Idaho campus has moved to ban man-buns on school grounds. According to the BYU Scroll the hair style is in direct violation of the school’s dress and grooming code, it has also been described as “extreme” by student honor administrator Tyler Barton. He further explained that “it’s just something that deviates from the norm.”

An institution of higher learning that’s supposedly in business to teach young adults about acceptance doesn’t need people looking different. That’s the last thing they need! What they need is everyone looking exactly the same, having the same beliefs, and being so similar that the only way to distinguish one student from another is by their tuition checks.

The school also has a strict policy against beards. But have all the sister wives you want, totally cool with the Mormons.

[via GQ]

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