Maryland Fraternity and Sorority In Trouble For Throwing a ‘CMT vs BET’-Theme Party


Just a friendly reminder that if you’re in a fraternity or sorority and thinking about throwing a party that’s vaguely racist, you’re almost certainly going to get called out for it. The most recent example comes from tiny McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland, where the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority and the Phi Delta Theta fraternity threw a CMT vs. BET themed party. People are not pleased:

A fraternity and sorority at McDaniel College are under investigation after holding a party in January with the theme “Country Music Television versus Black Entertainment Television.”

In a statement, a McDaniel vice president told WJZ: “McDaniel supports inclusiveness. Any event that promotes negatives stereotypes or disrespect of others is reprehensible.”

WJZ found the CMT/BET theme is a popular one, with various fraternities and sororities posting pictures on sites like Pinterest and Facebook.

The sorority involved in the McDaniel party, Phi Sigma Sigma, said in a statement: “Phi Sigma Sigma finds the actions associated with this event inappropriate… The issue has been brought to the attention of Phi Sigma Sigma’s International Standards Board, and our collegiate women will be held accountable for their actions.”

So what was everyone wearing to cause all this hubub? Welll

The young women dressed in country music attire such as cutoff shorts, plaid shirts and cowboy boots, while the men wore gold chains, baggy pants and backward baseball caps often associated with black rappers.

Yeahhhhhh…. That isn’t going to fly in 2014. Nor should it, like, ever…

[H/T: Total Frat Move]

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