College Kid Who Posted About How He’d Rather Die By Vodka Than Boredom Dies From Drinking 25 Shots In 60 Seconds

Normally I’d sit here for an entire paragraph and make a bunch of low-blow jokes at the expense of the deceased, but Humberto Moura Fonseca was only 23 years old when he decided to down 25 shots of vodka in less than 60 seconds. If he were 50 it’d be hilarious! What an idiot! But the kid is only a few years older than the average college kid, which brings us to the sobering reality of how stupid we all are and that this could’ve easily been one of my friends, or even yours.

On a lighter note…25 shots in 60 seconds? Damn. If you’re gonna go down, might as well shoot for the fences.

The University of Julio de Mesquita student was taking part in a drinking game in Bauru, south-western Brazil, at the time of his death.

‘Humberto and the others were really up for it,’ said his friend Rodrigo Pancetti, also 23.

‘On his Facebook there’s a quote, a motto, from the Russian poet Vladimir Maiakovski which says “It is better to die from vodka than from boredom”.

‘I never thought that would become reality. But once he had finished he said he felt ill and suddenly collapsed.’

Via Metro

Despite medical crews’ best efforts Humberto died on the way to the hospital, with doctors later confirming that they’d expired due to alcohol poisoning.

Police are reportedly looking to charge those who organized the drinking event with homicide.

[H/T Metro, header image via Shutterstock]