New Study Says College Women Still Use Condoms, Even When Drunk and High

1. You are a bad person. Unprotected sex should only occur after a reasoned discusion of the risks, or barring that, a perfectly-timed mutual shrug regarding the situation at hand.

2. She probably isn't going to let you do it anyway. 

That's because a new study published in the Journal of Sex Research found that booze and pot doesn't affect a woman's judgement when it comes to making you wrap it up. Women. Always the more responsible sex. From RH Reality Check:

What may be surprising, however, is that drinking in and of itself did not affect condom use. In fact, when researchers looked only at the relationship between alcohol and condoms, they found that events involving alcohol were more likely to involve condoms. Condoms were used in 70 percent of events involving drinking and 59 percent of events that did not involve alcohol. 

The study found that even heavy doses of alcohol were unlikely to affect a female's judgement. 

Even in situations involving heavy drinking (four or more drinks), during which we might expect disinhibition to lead to decreases in safe-sex behavior, we found no evidence of decreased condom use across this sample of women.

Way to go, women! That's some responsible ass shit right there. The next time you are with a woman and drunk, show them some respect by bursting out the condom unprompted. They will make you do it eventually. 

By the way, this study only chose to look at women not because the researchers felt condom use is the female's responsibility, but probably because guys would have lied their way through this and said shit like “Fuck yea, I tagged it raw.” 

[H/T Huffington Post; Condom image via Shutterstock]