Drunk UGA Bro Dies Falling Out Of 9th Floor Dorm Window–Just Kidding, He Dusted It Off And Continued Partying

A University of Georgia student reportedly fell out a 9th floor dorm window while shitfaced off his gourd. The dude was so hammered that he did not remember falling out the window and there were no witnesses that could definitely confirm it happened.

But if we’re making logical assumptions given the below information, we may have the first ever case of someone falling nine stories and not remembering it.

Justin Boyd, one of the student’s dorm mate in the freshman dorm, said in an interview with the Athens Banner-Herald:

“He couldn’t remember anything, so we just started putting everything together like the screen kicked out and one of his shoes down there, and his pants were ripped and his sock was dirty. We think what happened, based on that, is … sometime between 4 and 8 (a.m.) he wanted to get out of his room and just kicked out the (window) screen and fell or jumped.”

The student then ended up crashing on a futon at the party and at around 10 am the next morning, was reportedly a mess. Like the kind of mess someone would be the morning after falling nine stories and not remember it would be. Boyd reported that the student had a black eye and was having extreme difficulty moving.

Boyd and a few other students convinced the dude to go to the hospital where he was treated with injuries “consistent with some type of fall,” said campus police.

As the Athens Banner-Herald reports, “It appears that alcohol consumption on the part of the injured party may have played a role in this incident,” police said in the statement. “It should also be noted that this is the second documented incident involving the injured party.”

Bro, kill yourself without killing yourself while you’re young. When you get to my age, an ankle twist in a men’s league basketball game will sideline you until the next calendar year.

[via Athens Banner-Herald]

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