A Fraternity Pledge In Nebraska Is Texting Pics Of Puppies To Everyone That Texts Him

Having a ruff! day? You need more puppies in your life. Last night, I was bored and someone on Twitter told me about #PledgePuppies. The gist is this: A fraternity pledge with a Dallas area code in Nebraska is “melting sorority girls hearts,” as TSM puts it, by texting everyone who texts him pictures of puppies. It’s become somewhat of a phenomena:


The dude is literally just Google image searching awesome pics of puppies and blasting them to the strangers who text him. I tried it last night out of boredom and he hit me back within minutes:

Well, that makes my day a lot better. Puppies are happiness medicine. Puppies!

I asked him about what kind of texts he’s getting from strangers since his number is all over social media and other sites. He said “I can’t even repeat it it was so disturbing.” Also, even though it’s “pledging,” he told TSM that he’s not getting hazed by his fraternity. Just puppy texts, 24/7:

NOTE: If you text the number, MAKE SURE IT’S THE RIGHT NUMBER.

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