FSU Bro Gets SAVAGE, Possibly Questionable, Payback On Girl Who Curved Him When He Tried To Do Her A Solid

Here’s a little lesson for all the ladies out there. While I know there are a lot of creepy dudes rolling around trying to hit on you, not all of them are douchebags. In fact, some of them might actually be trying to do something nice for you. (Even though we know you hate a lot of those things too.)

Still, as this story will show, sometimes when you blow off a guy trying to get your attention it might actually be for a good reason. And if you ignore him, it might cost you.

For this tale we take you Tallahassee, Florida where one young man tried to be a good Samaritan to a female only for her to ignore his efforts and biting her in the butt bigly.

The man, an FSU fan named “Mr. Beastly”, was tailgating at the big Florida State-Clemson battle over the weekend when he noticed a girl dropped her very valuable tickets.

Naturally, not being an a-hole, “Mr. Beastly” tried to alert the girl to let her know that she had dropped them. Her response? She blew him off telling him that she already had a man and rolled off without another word.

Guess where “Mr. Beastly” got to watch the game from?


Wonder if she still has a boyfriend after losing those valuable football tickets now?


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