This Grandma Slamming Shots With Coeds On Spring Break In Cabo Is An Absolute Legend

Payton Grett, Twitter

Grandmother Doreen Grett of Olathe, Colorado has become an internet sensation as video of her slamming shots with coeds on Spring Break in Cabo San Lucas went viral over the weekend.

Her granddaughter Payton, a student at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, tweeted out a photo of her grandma doing shots with the girls, which quickly led to video and just like that our newest hero was born.

Needless to say, based on that photo and video, Payton’s grandma is loving it…

Doreen: College inSan Diego!
Granddaughter: How fun!! Haha
Doreen: It was!
Granddaughter: Grandma! You’re famous.
Doreen: OMG.
Granddaughter: Grandma I literally have reporters from BuzzFeed asking if you wanted to do story about this video and picture. Is your Facebook getting crazy?
Doreen: No Just lots of friend requests!
Granddaughter: Oh my goodness
I’m glad you have a great sense of humour
I love you
Doreen: Thank you love you back!

Reactions on Twitter, as they should be, were filled with praise and envy…


H/T Daily Mail