In Honor Of Finals Week, Re-Watch The Greatest College Roommate Freakout Of All Time

As badly as I’d love to still be in college, I don’t envy college kids for having to go through the stress of finals week two times (or more) a year. People lose their damn minds, frying their brain on addys and cramming 15 weeks of not paying attention into 72 hours of manic studying.

And of course, things like this happen. A semester of baggage from weird living situations comes to surface in all it’s fury. I remember when this video first started making the rounds on the Internet five years ago. It’s an all-time classic. The kid screaming has zero chill while flipping his lid on his roommate. Meanwhile, all his other roommates are around to witness the outburst.

They can’t stop laughing at this clown. And neither can I. The dude is the very definition of a jabroni.

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