Fraternity Creates Initiative To Build Homes For Homeless Veterans Because NO MAN Gets Left Behind

After noticing that the homeless population of Huntsville, Alabama was made up largely of homeless vets, the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity from University of Alabama Huntsville has formed an initiative to build them homes.

Well, micro-homes to be exact. The ‘Foundations For Tomorrow‘ was created by the Phi Kappa Psi’s in order to give back homes to the men and women who served their country.

From the website InspireMore:

Foundations for Tomorrow is the fraternity’s new initiative to build tiny mobile homes for homeless veterans. 30 homes can be built on just 1 acre of land. Fraternity members have identified several plots of land in the city that they can acquire for these tiny home communities. The Alabama Center for Sustainable Energy is even providing solar panels for the homes so energy is cost-free. Living, eating, working, gardening, and just sharing better quality lives together is all the fraternity wants for the homeless.

It takes $5000 to build one of these 500 square foot micro-homes, but the fraternity hopes to raise money for their cause on their CrowdRise page. The boys will be building the houses themselves, with the help of future residents, volunteers, and fellow students. This is an amazing idea and a great way to thank and support veterans who have done so much for us.

If you’re interested in giving back you can find their CrowdRise page HERE, where they’re currently 50% of the way towards their goal.


And in order to raise funds for the homes these boys have been out there holding local carwashes:

So bros, what’s stopping you from giving back? Either you hate all the beautiful things about brotherhood and America that this story embodies, or you’re just lazy.

Because I know not a single one of our readers is comfortable with the idea that the streets are flooded with homeless veterans who gave their everything to protect our American way of life.

Once again, here is their CrowdRise Page.


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