Congrats! Everyone Got Into Johns Hopkins Thanks To A Huge Email Boner

Getting turned down by your choice school is harsh. Imagine getting rejected twice. Not only getting rejected twice but thinking you got in only to get rejected AGAIN.

Cold. Stone cold.

Here’s one poor bro’s story about thinking he got into Johns Hopkins but, nope, our bad.

Sam Stephenson was steeling himself for another round of college applications after his first choice, Johns Hopkins University, turned him down. Then the 17-year-old from Culpeper County in Virginia received an e-mail from Hopkins on Sunday afternoon that suggested he might still have reason to hope.

“Embrace the YES!” it said in the subject line.

Sam was confused, said his mother, Cathy Stephenson. Could it be that the blunt electronic denial statement he had read two days earlier was wrong? The e-mail from the Hopkins admissions office at 3:01 p.m. Sunday continued:

“Dear Samuel, Welcome to the Class of 2019! We can’t wait for you to get to campus. Until then, as one of the newest members of the family, we hope you’ll show your Blue Jay pride.”

Naturally, Sam lost his shit, thinking he was in. He started tweeting at other future classmates and dropped a couple dimes on Johns Hopkins apparel. Then he checked his email again.

Like 293 others who had been turned down or deferred in their bid for early admission to the prestigious private university in Baltimore, Sam had received a welcome-to-Hopkins e-mail by mistake. The university, tipped off to the error by another rejected student, sent an apology Sunday evening to those affected by the head-spinning goof. Sam got the word at 5:28 p.m.: There was no reversal of his denial.

He then went out and shot every living blue jay in his town. Kidding. But the dude is distraught. Is mom is bat shit nuts over it.

Cathy Stephenson said Tuesday that she was irate at Hopkins. First, she said, the mistake was inexcusable. “You don’t crush somebody’s feelings twice,” she said.She said university admissions officers should have called the affected students to apologize. “All we want is a personal phone call,” Stephenson said. “When I make a mistake, I do the right thing.”

Wherever young Sam ends up, we wish him the best. And any ladies who date Sam at school, don’t break up with him. That call to Cathy will be uncomfortable as hell.

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