Emailer Wants World To Know That Every Chapter Of Kappa Kappa Gamma Is Getting ‘Ugly And Fat’

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Kappa Kappa Gamma


There’s a major issue in this country that every news organization seems to be ignoring. It’s not police brutality concerns or ISIS or Ebola or ISIS and Ebola possibly tag teaming for Wrestlemania in 2015. The issue is the gradually uglying of Kappa Kappa Gamma.

A “person” emailed Total Frat Move in an effort to alert the staff that KKG is getting Ug-A-Lee. Here’s the scandalous email in its entirety.

Kappa kappa gamma is getting fugly and losing it nationally. Kicked off campus at UCONN, Rollins, Miss State, Puget Sound, UC Irvine (too ugly to make numbers), GWU, hazing, Probation at 9 schools, suspended at 8. + KKG is the WORST sorority, by far, fatties, and butter faces at FSU, UF, UNC , SO CAR, G Mason, TN, Auburn, Chapman, Yale, Colgate, SLO, Utah, sinking at CU, CSU, CO College, legacies and ‘CUTTA CUTTA GRAMMA’ ‘ WTF??? Kappa used to be up behind Pi Phi and Theta in top tier, tied with Tri-Delt in hotness.

Sweet Jesus. Cancel Christmas, this needs to be addressed pronto. The birth of baby Jesus can wait. Kappa Kappa Gamma must be restored to it’s factory setting hotness.

The reason for the quotes around “person” is because, while the email came from a user named fratty2810, the sleuths over at TFM believe the email is actually written by a woman. A WOMAN! And how did they come to this conclusion? No clue. But I’m not one to question the methods of master private dicks. I’m just a public dick, what do I know?

To prove a point, TFM put together a nice photo gallery of attractive KKG ladies. Feel free to check it out and make your own judgement call. Just don’t be a public dick about it.

H/T Total Frat Move

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