Here’s A Handy List Of Colleges Still Accepting Applications From Lazy People Like You For Next Year

You’ve been putting off sending your college applications because you’re a moron. Your grades reflect that, so don’t worry, but there’s still time to enroll in a ton of college who don’t adhere to the January 1st deadline bullshit.

If you’re looking to enroll in a school, or transfer because you’re about to get kicked out of your current school, Time put together a list of the colleges and universities still accepting applications. Hundreds of institutions are still accepting your awful SAT results and terrible essays. Many of the top 250 schools in Time’s yearly¬†Best Colleges list have late application deadlines. In case you give a crap about not wasting too much of mom and dad’s money.

Among the schools still accepting college applications are Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Florida State University, University of Georgia, University of Connecticut and Auburn University.

For the complete list, go to, because copy and pasting the entire list would be like cheating. And we all know where cheating gets you. Right here, filling out applications, hoping to get in SOMEWHERE besides 13th grade at the local community college.

[H/T – Time]

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