These Are The 10 Most Expensive Colleges Of 2014

The 2014 rankings of ‘Most Expensive Colleges’ has come out from CNN Money, and there are a few familiar names on the list as well as a few newcomers.

Coming in at #1, as THE MOST EXPENSIVE COLLEGE OF 2014 is Sarah Lawrence at $65,480. Let that wash over you for a second: that’s a quarter million dollars for a 4-year education at a school that doesn’t provide free escorts, jobs, blow, blackjack, or really anything other than a piece of paper. In fact, they’re not even in the NYC limits, they’re in Bronxville (wherever the hell that is).

Here’s the rest of the list from CNN Money:

1. Sarah Lawrence College: $65,480
2. Harvey Mudd College: $64,427
3. Columbia College: $63,440
4. New York University: $62,930
5. University of Chicago: $62,458
6. Claremont McKenna College: $62,215
7. Bard College: $62,012
8. Scripps College: $61,940
9. Dartmouth College: $61,927
10. Olin College of Engineering: $61,881

To see a full breakdown of what goes into making each and ever one of these schools virtually unaffordable, you can check out the article HERE on CNN Money.


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