Like ODU, Ohio State Bros Want To Bone Freshmen Girls, Hang Banners Offering ‘Daughter Daycare’

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College! Just when you thought it couldn’t get more rape-y… it gets more rape-y.

Goddammit, Bros.

Only yesterday, we brought you the news of the ODU frat dudes who hung some banners off their balcony announcing their intents and desires to take advantage of (possibly) underage and (probably) intoxicated college girls.

Good, strong stuff there.

Not to be outdone in terms of terribleness, Bros at the Ohio State University threw up their own welcoming signage, draping bed sheets over their house on move-in day that read “Dads, we’ll take it from here” and “Daughter Daycare.”

Here’s what senior Alex Sheets, who lives at the house, told WCMH.

“People have been saying we are misogynists, we are sexist, we are degrading towards women.”

Yep. Because it’s true. Here, I’ll repeat it to remind you. You are being misogynist and sexist and degrading toward women.

Oh. Wait. Sorry. He has a but. Let’s hear his but.

“My dad, he is a good Christian man, I am a good Christian man.”

Yea. Christianity’s never once been impugned for being a misogynistic, sexist religion that treats women unfairly.

Regardless, ignoring with the sociopathic, Lolita-esque conceits implied by dudes offering daycare for girls and the complete unawareness these college Bros have about how repeated behaviors like this routinely passed off as jokes create the cultures wherein violence against women can be justified and internally mitigated in men’s own mind, can we not even be dudes who can wait at least one day before publicly announcing our intentions to crush young tang, pressure intoxicated ladies into sex and generally degrade and make uncomfortable the female population for their next four years of what is supposed to be the best time of their life?

Like, can we not wait just one day?

[Via The Washington Post]

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