The $10,000 Beer Wall: Did This Group Of Bros At Penn State Build The Most Impressive Beer Wall Ever?

We love a good, old fashion beer wall here at BroBible. After all, it’s the preferred wallpaper of choice for any college living situation. We’re downright impressed by the beer wall a group of Bros created in their house at Penn State. Here’s what they sent us via Instagram.

So last year during the spring semester me and my boys always missed trash days. So randomly U said fuck it and started the beer wall. Beginning this school
year we started constructing the natty wall and the flag along with having keggers every week on top of that. Then we just started buying extra cases with our other friends to complete the budlight and random sections. You’re looking at almost 10 thousand dollars over a little over a year.

We most definitely fuck with it. As a reminder, DM us cool shit to post on Instagram or via our editorial tip line.

The best college beer wall ever made belongs to a group of Bros at Penn State.

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