This Bro Has A Beer Can Collection Of Over 28,000 Unique Cans…This Is A Collection I Can Get On Board With

by 2 years ago

YouTube / KXAN

As I’m sure almost none of you bros knew, yesterday was ‘National Beer Can Appreciation Day’ across the United States. This faux holiday falls firmly within the realm of ‘everything has a holiday now and it’s stupid’, and I planned on ignoring National Beer Can Appreciation Day entirely until I came across this story about a man from Texas who has a badass collection of over 28,000 unique beer cans.

KXAN News reached out to Patrick Costigan of Buda, Texas to talk with him about his impressive beer can collection, and to get a look at what exactly 28,000+ unique beer cans looks like…this is how I envision my perfect man cave:

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