Read the Terrible Alleged Leaked Texts and E-mails from Frat Guys At American University



Another day, another scandal at a college after a fraternity’s awful electronic communication via e-mail and text messages were “leaked” on an anonymous Tumblr page. This time the alleged culprit is the Epsilon Iota chapter of Alpha Tau Omega at American University, which is an “underground” frat that was kicked off campus over 10 years ago. Via Tyler Kingkade at the Huffington Post:

The AU Epsilon Iota chapter of Alpha Tau Omega lost its charter more than a decade ago due to misconduct involving hazing and alcohol abuse. “Involvement in this unrecognized organization could pose risks to students, and the university highly discourages individuals from joining them,” reads a 2010 document from AU.

The emails — a selection of which can be seen below — not only reference various illegal activities and seem to make light of sexual assault and rape, but include a lengthy discussion of whether or not one brother physically assaulted a female student in 2012. The group’s responses range from denial to downplaying the incident.

The e-mails and text messages are mostly from 2012, but still extremely messed up, with the fraternity members cracking all sorts of jokes that members of such an organization SHOULD NOT MAKE. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: Fuck entitled frat guys who think they can get away with awful shit like this. No matter what walk of life you’re from, terrible behavior like this inexcusable and deserves to be called out. Just because you’re in a Greek organization doesn’t make it any different.

Read the leaked e-mails below. For more context and details on the allegations, head over to Huffington Post College…