Ruth Chris Steak House In Ann Arbor Is Probably Regretting This Score Promotion After Michigan Waxed Rutgers 78-0

NCAA Football: Michigan at Rutgers

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

For those who watched the Michigan/Rutgers game last night, you witnessed history. Michigan’s 78-0 anal pounding of Rutgers biggest margin of victory in a game between two top-division teams in over 100 years. It was almost uncomfortable to watch.

Ruth Chris Steak House in Ann Arbor may take an equal pounding to their balance sheet as a promotional offer they made prior to the game has proved to be a big mistake. The steak joint offered a one percent discount for every one point Michigan beat Rutgers by.



Seeing as the Wolverines whipped the Scarlet Knights by 78 points, a bill that normally totals $100 would cost just $22. For five full days. I skipped most of my business classes in college but I’d venture to guess that giving away high-grade meats at a three-quarter discount is probably bad for business.

So bad for business that Ruth Chris has decided to cap the discount at 50%, according to SB Nation.

“Our apologies the discount cap at 50% was not clear in this initial post,” the management wrote in the comments. “This amazing promotion was launched with a cap of ‘up to 50% off’ the food portion of the bill and we’ve updated this post to reflect that.”

Hmm, weird. Didn’t see that in the fine print. Regardless, Michigan bros, this is a good opportunity to score some cheap points with the lady. She may even touch your meat.

[h/t SB Nation]

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