SDSU Bro Creates Ridiculous Campaign Ad Featuring Girls in Bikinis Galore

Some are irritated at this year’s most-talked-about San Diego State student government ad for providing literally zero substance, save some coeds in bikinis jumping into a pool, and jumping on a trampoline, and jumping in the air like a teen-pop band. Others have called the ad, and its creator Luke Dzierzanowski, misogynistic and all that other stuff that finds its way into college editorials on a semi-regular basis. (Even though the girls are surrounding their friend Dzierzanowski on their own accord. But I digress.)

Still others, though, see the work of Dzierzanowski, murderer of my spell check, as what it probably was—an attention grab that would (hopefully) result in votes. Said Dzierzanowski to UT-San Diego, “Did you know that last year 18 percent of the student body voted for A.S. Elections? I think we can both agree that number is much lower than it should be….  I understand that not everyone agrees with my commercial or likes it, but hopefully all PSFA Students remember it and remember my name.”

They did remember his name. They did not however vote for him. Dzierzanowski lost the student election seat, and only 10% of the student body turned out to vote.

He’ll spend the next year learning how to properly smoke a cigar. A crash course in camera stabilization would go a long way, too, but for my money, his ridiculous, wordless ad was a ballsy and pretty funny move. See for yourself:

[H/T: UT-San Diego, reader email]