Did Poorly In High School? You Can Apply To This Maryland College With A ‘Selfie Video’ And NO GRADES

Applying to college was a mild pain in the ass in high school. I say “mild” because most of the places I applied to accepted the common app which meant I only had to write two decent essays, fill out a form, then voila! Shit’s done. Being a loser in high school (not that I’m any better now) helped out too, since my grades were beautiful and my SAT was solid. However, this obviously isn’t the case for everyone. Some kids fail classes, some do the bare minimum and skate by with C’s only to have it bite them in the ass when college season comes, and some…well, some people are just dumb. It’s a fact of life, sorry not sorry. If you’re a current high school senior who’s reading this and thinking “Oh shit, that’s me! How do I get into college?!?!?!” don’t worry. There’s one, ONE SCHOOL that MIGHT take your lazy butt.

Goucher College, a small liberal arts school in Towson, Maryland, has expanded its application options to include the “Goucher Video Application.” According to the school’s website, all you have to do is make a two-minute video talking about who you are by answering the prompt, “How do you see yourself at Goucher?” Then, you have to submit two examples of projects you did in high school, including at least one graded writing assignment. There’s also a signed statement of academic integrity and a short application to fill out. And that’s it — you’re a college applicant! Goucher won’t even look at your high school transcripts or your test scores. “We just want to understand something about you and how you’ll fit in here at Goucher,” said the school’s president, José Antonio Bowen, in a YouTube video. “We’re doing this because higher education should be about potential and not about privilege.”

Via MTV News Now before you get all skippy dippy about your new-found academic love for Goucher College, let me just say it’s not a place people from Maryland actually “go” to. Marylanders typically go to the following: 1. University of Maryland, College Park 2. University of Maryland, Baltimore County 3. Towson University 4. Salisbury University Towson and Salisbury are about as academically rigorous as a bowl of mashed potatoes. With that in mind, note that Goucher College accepts about 72% of its applicants…   While Salisbury and Towson accept 55% and 60%, respectively.   Via Collegeboard Now I’m not saying that Goucher is a bad school, but taking into account that they’re disregarding grades and accepting this “selfie video” bullshit: …yeah. You might wanna opt to save your money and go to community college for two years instead. [H/T MTV News, images via Collegeboard]