Sigma Nu At The University Of Central Florida Suspended After Being Recorded On Video Planning To ‘Rape Some Bitches’

The Mu Psi chapter of Sigma Nu at the University of Central Florida has recently been suspended over a recording taken of several Sigma Nu members where they make statements such as “let’s rape some bitches,” “we’re raping some bitches” and “we’re gonna rape ‘em, who cares.” The video above obtained by Knight News was taken by a then-girlfriend of a Sigma Nu fraternity man who chose to send the recording to a UCF student, which eventually lead to the UCF student filing a complaint with the university. According to Huffington Post,

As a result of the video, the fraternity was notified of its interim suspension related to charges of sexual misconduct on July 20, according to a letter the university’s Office of Student Conduct shared with HuffPost. Sigma Nu will remain on suspension at least until a student conduct hearing scheduled for Aug. 20, the university said in another letter.

Based on information in UCF’s student handbook, individual students involved in the video could face punishment ranging from writing a research paper to expulsion if found to be in violation of school policy. If the Sigma Nu chapter is found to be in violation, the school could impose sanctions, ban the fraternity from official campus life or even suggest that the national Sigma Nu office revoke the chapter’s charter, effectively disbanding it.

In a statement issued Friday by Sigma Nu Executive Board Director Brad Beacham, Beacham deemed the words used in the video as “disrespectful, despicable” and “vile.”

Both the Fraternity and the University are currently investigating the recording, with the Fraternity promising to “take action as may be appropriate.”

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