10 Simple Meals Every Frat Star Should Be Able To Cook

Bros love food. We might not need to Instagram it every time we eat, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love tanking down a rack of ribs at our local barbeque joint. Going out to eat every meal gets expensive and microwavable meals suck, so it might be time to learn how to cook. Here is a list of 10 easy recipes to get you started.

1. Parmesan Chicken Cutlets

I don’t care if you come from the East Coast, West Coast, or the Deep South. Every respectable bro needs to know how to make a chicken cutlet. All great lunches start with a chicken cutlet as its base. Throw some bacon, hot sauce, and lettuce on bread and you’ve got yourself the best manwhich in town.

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 2. Pan Seared Steak

When bros want to move off campus and are forced into apartments they need to make trade offs. Although your landlord is convinced a grill on the balcony eight stories up is a bad idea, what does he really know? A bro has to be able to adapt to his conditions and that sometimes means having to cook steak in a pan. Marinate the steak early for the best results.

Speaking of tradeoffs, at least there’s an apartment full of blonde Tri Delt 10s right next door. Here’s to hoping at least one of them isn’t a vegetarian.

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 3. Blackened Fish

Every bro has a healthy phase once a semester. As hard as it may be, all bros know they need to cut down on the drunk eating and get down to the gym. Blackened fish is a delicious and cheap recipe that is healthy and will have you ready for spring break. Hey, while you’re at it just tell the girl you invited over that you caught her meal with your own hands after diving off your Dad’s yacht. She’ll believe you.

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 4. Buffalo Wings

This one will blow all of your bros away at your pool/kegger party. Wings are actually even better off the grill. A combination of Franks red hot sauce and BBQ adds a little sweetness to the traditional kick you get from hot wings. Grab yourself a rack of natty tall boys and go to town on these delicious wings.

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5. 15 Minute Stir Fry

Short on time, but still craving Chinese take out? This quick stir-fry will have you full and out the door before you know it. Use whatever leftover vegetables are in your fridge and throw them in your stir-fry. No more having to buy questionable sauces from the grocery store, which are always hit or miss.

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6. Fajitas

Tired of going to a sketchy Mexican food joint and risking food poisoning? Every bro should know how to make some good fajitas before tequila Thursdays. You can use either chicken or steak and can put as many toppings as you want. Check out broke black bean for a good topper or budget meal.

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7. French Toast

Bros know breakfast is the most important mealeven if it is at 2 pm. French toast is a classic and every bro needs to know this childhood favorite. Load it up with cinnamon, syrup, and fruit. French toast is very quick to make and doesn’t require that many ingredients either. Perfect way to start your morning or end your night. A bloody mary wouldn’t hurt either.

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8. Seafood Pasta Fra Diavolo

Sometimes a bro has got to go a little out of his way to impress a female. Invite her over to make this relatively simple dish that would trick even Kate Upton into thinking you’re the king of bro cooks. Frozen seafood is pretty cheap and creating your own Fra Diavolo sauce allows you more control and taste much better then jarred marinara. Get a couple bottles of wine for a special lady and let the food do the talking.

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9. Spicy Potato Wedges Bros

love spicy food. Everyone wants to prove they can handle the most heat. Potato wedges are also awesome sides for whatever kind of meal you’re making. Just let them roast in the oven while you slug down some nattys and you’ll have the perfect addition to any dinner.

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10. Guacamole

Football season may be over, but the NBA and NHL playoffs just started. Watching your team on your tiny 60-inch smart TV might not be enough. Guacamole doesn’t take long to make and it’s the perfect appetizer for any sports viewing event. God knows you’ll need some good food when you realize Knicks didn’t even make the playoffs out of the east.

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