5 Healthier Rest Stop Snack Choices For Your Upcoming Spring Break Road Trip

February is almost over and that means you’re weeks away from basking in the gloriousness that is March Madness. Even before the madness of March however, the end of February means it’s also time for Spring Break.

That’s right, bro it’s time to shake off the winter blues and get away for a few days. There no better way than to embark on an epic road trip.

Every great road trip is comprised of three things, friends, tunes, and food.

You’ve got the best group of friends packed in your car and ready to enjoy the open road. Each of you have created your own playlists or mix CDs, packed full of the best damned music known to man.

However, you’re the more health conscious bro, so you’ve brought plenty of protein packed smart choices to enjoy as you cruise the USA.

Well, you HAD smart choices until your friend, let’s call him Greg, decided he was hungry and ate half of your supply. This once glorious road trip has become a little more stressful as your protein bars and fruit are gone, thanks Greg.

Eating on the road can be rough especially if you want to make smarter, more health conscious choices. Plus, what the hell are you supposed to do if you stop at a gas station that doesn’t carry your favorite protein bar?

Lucky for you, I’ve been on plenty of road trips and have discovered the 5 best choices you can make at any gas station in the good ole USA.

  1. Pork Rinds

These bad boys are not only freaking delicious but they come in a variety of flavors ranging from BBQ, Hot & Spicy, Salt and Vinegar, and more. Plus, about every gas station or convenience store in America will have these. If you are trying to keep things low carb, these are the perfect choice for you on the road. The average serving has about 5 grams of fat and 9 grams of protein and a bag usually has anywhere from 2-3 servings in them which means you get about 30 grams of protein in one bag!

  1. Cheese

Most gas stations or convenience stores will have string cheese or at least a small container of blocks (or slices) of cheese. Everyone loves cheese, which means you might have to hide your stash from Greg but these smaller portions are usually about a buck each and pack anywhere from 6-9 grams of protein in each serving.

  1. Yogurt

As long as you’re not forced to stop at a gas station that looks like it was last used as a scenic piece in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you’ll be able to find some yogurt. Yogurt is packed full of protein and most is sweetened with some fruit so you can nip that sweet tooth in the bud.

  1. Coffee

You’ve probably heard or read about the benefits of fasting for fat loss. Caffeine has hunger blunting effects and can silence those hunger pangs on the road. So instead of caving in and eating a truck stop honey bun, grab some coffee and fast till your next meal.

  1. Milk

When all else fails in finding a healthy choice at a gas station, grab milk. You can get low fat versions of milk or chocolate, and each serving comes with 8 grams of protein or more. Plus milk is never a bad idea Ron Brogundy, it’s tasty and delicious!

*note I didn’t include beef jerky because let’s be honest, that shit is packed with so much sodium you end up feeling bloated and disgusting and no one wants to feel like an oversized water ballon while sitting in a car for hours.*

Eating on the road can be a challenge if you’re a health conscious bro. Don’t let the fear of fast food, Twinkies, or bags of chips keep you from enjoying your epic road trip. Stick with these 5 foods as you cruise the USA this Spring Break.