That Spring Breaker Who Bit The Head Off A Hamster Has Been Kicked Out Of His Fraternity

Yesterday we brought you the bizarre story and video of what was being reported at the time of a Florida State University frat member biting the head off of a live hamster during spring break. Turns out he is actually a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity at the University of Mississippi. Or I should say WAS a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity because he’s been identified and kicked out of his frat.

Brady Eaves, 18, is a University of Mississippi scholar, Phi Delta Theta fraternity brother, star football player, and stepson of one-time Mississippi Governor candidate John Arthur Eaves Jr, who is now an esteemed pro-life lawyer.

Sources close to Eaves told he was top of his class at private Jackson Preparatory School, and described him as an ‘animal lover’ whose numerous pets include a raccoon and a parrot.

However, on Saturday the teenager from Madison, MS, swept the internet in a video that showed him pull a hamster from a cage, bite off its head, and hurl its body into the distance – shrieking with laughter.

According to sources connected to the incident, the party of college students force-fed the hamster vodka and ‘hot-boxed’ its cage with marijuana before the sickening stunt.

The footage, allegedly filmed during a drunken spring break party in Florida, could see Eaves charged with felony animal cruelty charges, which carry a maximum jail term of five years and $5,000 in fines.

Radar Online reports that the Mississippi Phi Delta Theta President said that the group was “disappointed and disgusted in Brady’s actions, saying, “These actions are inconsistent with what we believe as men of Phi Delta Theta and are inconsistent with the creed of the University of Mississippi… [the] incident … is in no way associated with any chapter activity of Phi Delta Theta.”

They also report that University of Mississippi officials were also investigating the incident with the University’s Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs stating that “appropriate steps” would be taken once they gather all the facts in the situation.

That’s a whole heaping pile of hamster doo-doo this kid has now found himself in, and that’s not even the worst of it. Wait until PETA gets ahold of him, and they will.