Video Shows Florida State Frat Member Biting The Head Off A Hamster On Spring Break, PETA Is Buggin’ Out

Warning: Unless you want to see an Florida State University frat member bite the head off of a live hamster, you should turn away now. This video is graphic, so graphic in fact that after seeing the footage PETA deployed a case worker to Tally and have been working with FSU to track down and identify the boy in the video biting the head off of the live animal.

FSU Frat Member Biting Head Off Hamster:

UPDATE: The Frat member in question reportedly did NOT go to FSU, and has been identified

There’s clearly not any cheering going on in the background, it’s more like a cacophony of terror and disgust as this dude (who must be on something like bath salts) chews the head off of a live hamster. I managed to make it through all of my entire degree-seeking years at FSU and graduated without ever ONCE seeing a hamster, so my question is what in the hell do these guys have a hamster with them for on Spring Break? Did they pass by the pet shop and think: ‘Yup, I need to buy that. I’m gonna get hammered later and bite that thing in half.’ Or was it sitting idly by for a failed ritual and later became a snack for a pledge?

Liveleak lists in the description of the video that PETA has a case worker in Tallahassee working with the University to find this kid:

PETA has launched a campaign in an attempt to find the perpetrator of the hamster beheading. Stephanie Bell, PETA’s Cruelty Casework Director, said that they are working with the university to identify the boy in the pink shirt. She notes that animal cruelty should be a community concern and that this person needs to be prosecuted for their behavior.

My brain if failing to connect how an incident with a hamster on Spring Break can lead to on-campus punishment, but I don’t work for PETA or my alma mater, and trust that they know what they’re doing in this situation.